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About us

BLUE MARINE FISHERIES is one of the leading fish processing plant s in U.A.E.

BLUE MARINE FISHERIES's employees and management aim to provide high quality products, utilizing fish and other seafood in a sustainable way and their value addition. We offer customers fresh and frozen fish and seafood of the best quality. Through a number of acquisitions from the mid 2013's, BLUE MARINE FISHERIES is now leader in the supply of good and fresh fish internationally and locally in the UAE Market.

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We ensure quality of products for your seafood experience.

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Your Choice

Some of your favorite choices listed below

Clawed Lobster

Clawed lobster comprise a family of large marine crustaceans. They have long bodies with muscular tails.


Prawn is a common name for large swimming crustaceans, particularly in Britain and Commonwealth nations.

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